The Circuit


The Circuit of Siena is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Siena and the "Siena-Bettolle" expressway, in Castelnuovo Berardenga Scalo (Siena).
The runway was built in 2005 by Giorgio Torsellini and his son Fabio, after decommissioning the previous and famous Ampugnano plant as it was inserted in the area of ​​the nascent Siena airport.
Presentazione piloti
In Castelnuovo Berardenga, therefore, karting was soon able to rise again with the best expectations for the territory of Siena, immediately finding a lot of support among young people not only locally but also nationally. The organization, on the strength of previous experience, was able to develop in perfect harmony with the Sports Federation, implementing the most innovative technical-sporting regulatory requirements so as to immediately stand out in the national and international sports scene.

After giving new life to the premises of the old farm in the portion of land adjacent to the new track, a new restaurant, bar and hotel was created to guarantee the best hospitality. In 2008 the racing track was further renewed and expanded, bringing the development to the current 1,037 meters, with a width of 10 meters and a new 12,000 m2 paddock.
Right from 2008, with the construction of the new track, the Circuit of Siena has begun to obtain a great interest from all sportsmen who practice karting, expanding its attractiveness also at an international level, with the organization of more and more events prestigious.

Today the sporting and also technical-financial value of the facility for the whole area is important, which can enjoy an excellent economic return due to the very strong turnout of Italian and foreign enthusiasts, who in the most important events often count well over 1,000 sportsmen among pilots and the following of family members and technicians.

In recent years, the Siena Circuit has been the permanent home of the Italian ACI Karting Championships and National Championships of the category, as well as having hosted an International Championship of the Easykart Brand Trophy and several times the prestigious international WSK event.

Among the excellent debuts, the Siena Circuit also held important personalities as a “baptism”, such as the son of the two-time F1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen. On an international level, many regular visitors to the Castelnuovo Berardenga plant come from all over Europe, especially from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Among the values ​​of the Siena Circuit, its role is also important in road education for the youngest, which has also seen several school groups on the track several times for the Safe Driving School courses with karting, as happened on the occasion. of the project "La strada dei bambini" created in collaboration with the Automobile Club Siena, the Municipality of Siena, the Municipal Police and the Elementary School “A. Sclavo ".

With the Security Driving Car initiative, created in collaboration with Gianluca Caldani, director and manager of 4Wheels, the Siena Circuit is also at the forefront of Safe Driving courses with cars and test drives. In recent years, the Siena Circuit has also been home to the selections and the National Final of ACI Rally Italia Talent with thousands of participants in the format that discovers the future motorsport champions of the rally sector.

The track has a National Type “A” Homologation and an International Type “C” Homologation.

The plant, which also has artificial lighting for night activities, is also used by car and motorcycle manufacturers for presentations and demonstrations.

Among the logistical and technical services of the facility, the Sports Commissioners' Room with Race Direction, Race Secretariat, Briefing Room, Press Room, Timekeepers and Speakers Tower, Start and Finish Assistance Park, Closed Park, Tire Park, technical inspection rooms. and a shop selling clothing and accessories.

Circuito di Siena

The Circuit of Siena is immersed in the Tuscan hills and in the immediate vicinity of the city of Siena and the "Siena Bettolle-Valdichiana A1" expressway. Recommended exit on the expressway: "Casetta".

For those coming from the north: reach Siena along the Florence-Siena highway, and continue on the highway towards Arezzo-Perugia-Rome. At "Casetta" exit, take the first street on the right and then the first on the left, follow the signs. Along the railway, after 4 km you will find the Siena Circuit.

For those coming from the south (Naples-Rome): from the A1 motorway take the Valdichiana exit and continue towards Siena. At "Casetta" exit, take the first right, cross the highway bridge, then turn left. Along the railway, after 4 km you will find the Siena Circuit.