The Siena circuit hosted the National Final of the Rotax Max Challenge Italia 2020, the final event of the trophy that assigns the national titles and tickets for participation in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final 2020.
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The tension of the competition was accentuated by the very uncertain weather conditions, which shuffled the cards, especially on Sunday afternoon, when the rain began to descend on the circuit making it necessary to install the rain tires.
In the Rotax Mini Davide Bottaro (Irt) dominated the weekend, who after obtaining the pole position in timed practice, managed to win in all three races. Brando Badoni (FooDrivers), direct competitor for the title, had to be satisfied with the place of honor both in race-1 and in race-2, while in race-3, with a wet track, it was Nik Trobec who closely threatened Bottaro , overtaking him in the early stages, but without then being able to maintain his pace in the second part of the race. Lorenzo Lanzara closes in third position in the standings, who obtained third place in race-2 and fourth in all the other races of the day. Davide Bottaro then wins the Rotax Italia 2020 title and wins the ticket to participate in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final.

La Rotax Max vede un Nicola Guerra (Lka Dannic) in splendida forma, che segna uno strepitoso 42.158 (record del circuito) in qualifica, che gli vale la pole position. Al suo fianco scatta il team mate Lka Jacopo Sisti. Terzo il campione in carica Elia Galvanin (KSB). Gara-1, disputatasi sull’asciutto, vede un trenino di 4 piloti prendere il largo. Scattato non benissimo, Sisti recupera posizioni fino a portarsi in testa, ma a 5 giri dalla fine subisce l’attacco feroce di Guerra, che crea scompiglio ed avvantaggia anche Elia Galvanin, che chiuderà secondo. Vince Nicola Guerra su Sisti e Galvanin, mentre il favorito della vigilia Michele Chizzali chiude quarto. La pioggia condiziona gara-2 e gara-3, mentre le sorti della gara di Guerra vengono condizionate subito da noie tecniche che lo costringono ad avviarsi dal fondo della griglia. Galvanin prende le redini della situazione, ma poi è Sisti a dominare sia gara-2 che gara-2, condotte magistralmente dal primo all’ultimo giro. Galvanin e Vezzelli (LGK) lo seguono, quest’ultimo autore in gara-3 di una grande gara, chiusa in seconda posizione, ma senza mai insidiare davvero Sisti, che vince con merito. In classifica è Sisti a prendersi il titolo tricolore, con annesso ticket mondiale. Chizzali e Guerra chiudono a pari merito in seconda posizione overall, ma per uno scarto più elevato, spetta a Michele Chizzali la piazza d’onore.

The Rotax Max sees a Nicola Guerra (Lka Dannic) in splendid form, who scores an amazing 42.158 (circuit record) in qualifying, which earned him pole position. At his side takes the team mate Lka Jacopo Sisti. Third the reigning champion Elia Galvanin (KSB). Race-1, held in the dry, saw a train of 4 drivers take off. Not started very well, Sisti recovers positions to take the lead, but with 5 laps to go he suffers the ferocious attack of Guerra, which creates confusion and also benefits Elia Galvanin, who will finish second. Nicola Guerra wins over Sisti and Galvanin, while the favorite on the eve of Michele Chizzali closes fourth. The rain conditions race-2 and race-3, while the fortunes of the war race are immediately conditioned by technical problems that force him to start from the back of the grid. Galvanin takes the reins of the situation, but then it is Sisti who dominates both race-2 and race-2, masterfully conducted from the first to the last lap. Galvanin and Vezzelli (LGK) follow him, the latter author in race-3 of a great race, finished in second position, but never really undermining Sisti, who wins with merit. In the standings it is Sisti who takes the Italian title, with an attached world ticket. Chizzali and Guerra finished tied in second place overall, but for a higher gap, Michele Chizzali took the place of honor.

Record of the circuit also in Dd2, with Luca Munaretto prevailing over a surprising Gregorio Bertocco (KCS) and Michaele Rosina (54SC). While Bertocco is the author of an unfortunate start, which leads him to lose positions, even more unhappy is the fate of Michaele Rosina, immediately forced to retire and to see his chances of the standings waver. Nicola Felappi (Honolulu Racing) is the author of a great start to the race, which sees him in second position, until Michele Candela (Laudato Racing) prevails over him. Munaretto easily wins over Candela and Bertocco, while a contact with the reigning champion Trolese (ktre) knocks out Felappi a few corners from the end. However, Rosina's response did not take long to arrive: in the pouring rain of race-2 she brought into play an unrivaled pace for everyone, recovering from the bottom of the standings to a clear victory. Betrocco and Trolese close behind him, while fourth is Fabio Cretti (Honolulu Racing), first of the Masters and author of a capital test. With still 3 drivers still in full title race (Rosina, Candela and Munaretto) a race-3 starts under the banner of changing asphalt conditions with a wet that gradually dries up. In this situation it is Luca Munaretto who prevails, also thanks to the troubles at the start of Michaele Rosina, who parades only tenth on the first lap and then becomes the author of a great comeback, but not enough to close the gap on the Italian-South African, which wins the national title. It is curious that Munaretto and Rosina close the championship on equal points: Rosina's retirement in race-2 is crucial, which costs him a lower score difference, a fundamental discriminant. Both win the world ticket, while a good third overall is Michele Candela. For the Master class, Fabio Cretti still triumphs, for the third consecutive year. The fight was tight with Lorenzo Landi (Lgk), who won two heats out of three, me who, having not played any races in this 2020, participated in the final without scoring. Second place is Emilio Pecci (54SC), who found the biggest obstacle in the points "stolen" by Landi to challenge Cretti, who for the third consecutive year will represent Italy at the grand finals. In the Gentlman it is Emilio Furlan to win the 2020 national title.